Living through an American Recession

Dealing with never ending life changes. Who says making lemonade is the best thing to do with those lemons life throws at you?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fall to winter

Fall is nearing it's end with winter sneaking in like a cold draft under a door. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine our energy is condensing and will float through winter, a time for rest, reflection and maintenance. As the seasons change, so should we.

As I sit looking out my balcony window watching the leaves fall on the brick road below, I am reminded of how important fall is. What happens to the tree during fall? It's as though the deep breath of summer is exhaling as it's energy condenses into it's trunk, shaking off any unwanted leaves that will nourish and warm it's roots through winter while it rests. Each leaf representing an old thought, a resentment, a sadness, a worry, just as the tree, it is now time to shake it off. To let go of anything bothering you this year so we may have a peaceful winter.

Our diet too must change. Eating more fall and winter foods like soups, stews, root vegetables, apples, cabbage, and less summer foods. These foods warm us and nourish us through the winter.

Finding winter activities if you're not a skier  like arts, writing, knitting. Simple things to keep busy but not overexert the mind or body, keep your workout simple. Now is not the time for strenuous exercise.

Have tea with friends, laugh and remember your great summer.

Happy fall!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We know...

She awoke in the morning, not quite sure where to start. "The list, ah yes, the list..." She whipered with a deep sigh. The place where her love and life partner once layed, warming her at night, is now cold and empty. He was gone... with the other woman on his mind. A tear welled in her eye as the picture of him with this other woman burned forever in her memory arose like a curtain bringing tears and anxiety. "How did I get here? How do I get out of this mess?" She cried as she closed her eyes again.

As she looked at the list, the long list of fires that were burning he left behind for her to put out, she picked up her pen and started to write. One letter to him apologizing for her ill actions after he left, hoping that he found something wonderful in this other woman, for making his life so miserable and one to her son for being the greatest kid on earth; a mother who was sorry she "couldn't find a family for us in our lifetime together."

She gathered her letters, her knife and her keys, heading for the car. "I won't let my son find me this way." The tears flowing like rain she drove to where her love was staying, waited for him to leave, just wanting to see him one last time and silently say goodbye. But the fear overwhelmed her as her reflection in the blade reminded her of what a beautiful person she once was, bringer of life, lover, and creative mind. "Why are we as people so cruel to each other?" She thought slumped in the car crying so deeply. She glanced over at the letters laying on the front seat of the car.

Flashes of all the wonderful times they had raced through her mind, the future they had drawn together was now just a science fiction piece, laughed at as hocus pocus. Left on the path in the dark, alone, cold and scared, forced to crawl on her hands and knees through the darkness feeling her way around looking for any flicker of light. She screamed, she cried, she became destructive to herself and everything around her desperately seeking a way to go amongst the many who disapreared into the dark ignoring her cries for help.

As she looked up, she watched him ride away down the street wishing he would see her, hold her, tell her he was sorry for crushing her soul and tell her everything was going to be alright, but he never turned. She glanced back at the blade, sharp and cold, she knew just where to cut so she would just pass out and feel no pain. Her hands began to sweat, her stomach cramped, she looked in the mirror watching the vein rise to the surface... She wondered how warm the blood would feel flowing down her body, the smell of iron, the last few breaths before going dark and waking up, somewhere. Her fear of death didn't exist, she was ready to find out if she would go somewhere or just back into the ether joining with all the other energies in the universe.

"The password is, dragonfly." She whispered, a word her and her son came up with to let the living one know there is a beyond. 

Just then a woman drove by slowly, smiling at her as if to say "I know...I've been there too and you'll be okay. Go home to your son, he still needs you here."

She lowered the blade down on her lap, her head laying on the stearing wheel; a tear falling on her hand rolling onto her leg.

She lifted her head, opened her eyes and looked around her room. A phone, a blade and a list sat on her lap, a choice she needed to make to solve this problem. As she dailed the number the police were at her door within minutes escorting her to the hospital where she got treatment and met others like her. The days past between grogy, medicated, lonley nights.

As she sat in the group sessions each telling their stories of how they got there, the tears fell while two women told identical stories to hers. They smiled and hugged each other.

"I too was there, and we will all be okay. We are still needed here." She told them, as they smiled back and wished we had met sooner.

"But we met now, and this is when we need us the most." She cried and reassured them with a warm touch.

Later that afternoon she walked down the hall towards the door to the outside world. As she passed the rooms she said her goodbyes to the wounded souls like hers, the unforgiving selves, the bullemic, and the angry one. We all know what we seek when we close our eyes, it's there, it just gets forgotten about amongst the chatter.

"A new path awaits us all." She said as she took her first breath of the outside air with a smile.


She struggled to understand what was behind the deep non-existent word of admiration that seemed to never make it from his lips. A vibration she sought to be in front of. "Am I not worthy of compliments?" she uttered as she pondered her reflection from various angles in the mirror. "What does he not see in me?" Are his fears and insecurities that strong as to leave others feeling unattractive and unadmired?

The years past, the friendship grew, the love deepened, but the connection faded.

"Can you at least tell me I'm pretty once in a while? she asked.

"I will try." He said with hesitation, but the try never came.

"Can you roll over and hold me some time?"

"I will try." Again with hesitation, but the try never came.

A withering flower unnurtured by loved ones, we bloom, we die... Touch us like warm water on our skin, whisper a compliment in our ear to warm us like the sun. We are women, creators of life forever nurturing and yearning to be desired.

We are women, we are beautiful, we are admirable. We are worthy of compliments of admiration and worthyness. We must compliment each other more, not less.

Did you compliment someone today?

Saturday, October 9, 2010


The human will to survive, is to say the least, a very strong and powerful thing. How and where we find this strength is such a mystery to me. Once arriving at  our determined destination the challenge begins with finding the balance between relief and bitterness. How does a conscious being place such a burden on another, leading us to the edge of the unknown. "What did I do? Am I that bad of a person?" The words go round and round looking into the dark abyss, our internal GPS dead with no response.

Frying circuits, "does not compute", a movie with no ending leaving you pissed off and wondering why the hell you wasted 2 hours of your time. Do we create our own hell when we transform back into the collective consciousness? All the negative energy we created making waves with others following us through time and space, life after life. The mind can let go and believe whatever it wants, but what of the ones we put this burden on? I do not believe we can leave a path of destruction behind us without causing some sort of disruption to everyone that we are. What we do to others, we do to ourselves and those who abandon should be pittied for their negligence and unwillingness to see, they have no rear vision. They are creating the negative energy that eventually makes it's way back around to them, keeping them in the same situations over and over again. Stuck in thier own insanity. Someone once told me "if you want different results, do something different."

People love, live and thrive together. The need for closure is great. Love those who love you, feed those who feed you, tell them you love them. It is cruel to be left in the unknown, forever wondering how, why, when, who...

It is much greater a crime to hurt someone who loves you by allowing the ego to control some false sense of right and wrong. No loving being deserves to be abandon.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hoover Dam - Global warming?

This is a disturbing before and after photo of Hoover Dam on the Las Vegas/Arizona border. There is a 10 year span in time between photos. Low water levels are due to lack of snow run off into the Colorado river and an increase in demand. In the lower photo, there used to be a store sitting below the area where the lone RV sits and we used to feed the carp at the spill over directly bottom left.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mulit-Media Pharmacies

You know what's bullshit?
Getting pummeled with pharmaceutical ads on tv telling us to go to our doctors and ask about a drug? What happened to all the regular commercials and why would I run to my doctor to ask if "neo-poop-er-iacin" is right for me?

Is it just me or have pharaceutical companies gone up and beyond the call of duty? No longer do they bribe  encourage entice doctors into prescribing their drugs in exchange for trips and bonus shit but now I am subjected to their bullshit. There is something disturbing about listening to a list of side effects accompanied by happy, possitive music playing in the background with images of smiling people and sunshine. BLECK!!! Do you really think we are that fucking stupid? (and during dinner of all times)

What is a "side effect" anyway? Aren't they all effects? If a drug does 40 things to the body, how the hell does one determine which ones are the effect and which ones are the "side effects"? WHO determines what a side effect is anyway? Is there a list somewhere? And what if it's main use is on the "side effect" list? Is it the possitive effect on the body that is the effect and the negative effects the "side effects"? WTF!

What ever happened to: "Dry mouth, nausea, headaches, nervousness, dizziness, drowziness,etc."?
Now its: "Blurred vission, loss of memory, rectal bleeding, kindey failure, hair loss, turning blue or green eyes brown, suicidal thoughts, heart failure, blood pressure drops, etc, etc, etc...."!!! And these drugs precribed for simple things like longer love making, thicker eyelashes, and more energy for your day. WTF!

I was once told by a great physician that sometimes the main use of a drug, ie. pain relievers, antibiotics, heart and diabetes medications far outweigh the side effects saving lives; noted and agreed upon. But why is it ok for us to blow out our organs or cause serious harm to our brains just to get a boner? Hey, I'm all for boners but I would also like my husband to be here with me when we're 80 and not nursing him for heart or liver disease.

I know people are smarter than that and we need to make better choices. We are constantly seeing "drug recalls" and now ads for lawyers bringing class action law suits against these companies because of the harm they are causing.

Are all those side effects worth it? A final word of thanks to whomever is responsible for making the pharaceutical companies state ALL it's effects. It has made me realize that their list of "side effects", I am subjected to listen to can not be sugar coated with happy music and sunshine while telling me I will loose 50 lbs. but leak from my ass. Here here!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oh to be as beautiful as the day...

“What a beautiful day.” He says with a smile.
“The sun is so warm.”
But so is my heart, I think to myself.
"Your form looks good." He reassures a student.
A glance at my backside, "Hmm, what does he think of this form?"
A little color here, a little spice there.
"The flowers smell so good."
But what about my hair?
"Great shot." He exclaims on hole 9.
I smile with a deep sigh of peace.
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then what does he see?
I'm not as shiny as I used to be and certainly not as new.
"Oh to be as beautiful as the day."

Thursday, July 29, 2010

DIET changes and moving

Diet changes certainly add to the challenge of moving especially when your used to a certian type of food. Going from fish and greens to meat and potatoes has shown a mixed reaction from my body.

Quality fresh fruits and vegetables
Organic Foods & Supplies
Healthy Restraunts
Cultured Foods

Quality fresh fruits & vegetables
I don't know about you but spending money on "fresh" fruit and vegetables has yealded costly. The fruit is picked too early and molds or rotts before it ripens. I have thrown out more fruit than I have almost eaten. When you do get good fruit, it's expensive but tastes wonderful. This is not just a local issue but nationwide. The local farmers market is the only way to go here. Now during the winter we go back to either canned fruit or the cardboard crap they sell in the stores.

This one has proved obvious. One cannot get "fresh" fish this far inland without paying $17.00 a pound for a $2.00 fish. When you come from the coast where FRESH fish is abundant you know what fresh is. The grocery stores here seem to treat their fish with something that masks the odor but not the texture or cloudyness of the liquid. Nice try... There is a fish store here that I have not purchased at only becuase the prices are shockingly overpriced. The frozen fish is imported from Tailand and other far off countries and when defrosted smell like the dead fish. The only fish I have gotten here worth eating is at the restraunts, it has the closest taste to fresh fish. So when I eat out, it's fish I seek first.

Organic Foods & Supplies
Trader Joe's & Whole foods market were top of my list back home. The nearest stores are about 3 hours away, too far for my hoopty car to make the trip. So the only "whole foods" type store in town is also pretty expensive and has little selection. Their dairy cooler is usually too close in expiration for me meaning they don't move products fast enough. There are a couple of main stream grocers here that offer organic alternatives to things such as kechup and chicken but not all in one store, so a few trips are needed.

Healthy Restraunts
Almost every fast food chain that exists is here along with the typical restraunts. Even the smaller local joints offer the same basic foods, burgers, overpriced salads, fried stuff and goopy sandwiches. The local fave here is called a horseshoe. My stomach churned to look at it when I moved here. Imagine a bottom bun with a heafty burger patty loaded with fries and topped with a cheese sauce. The secret is in the cheese sauce, so they say. A coronary on a plate! There are a few little hippy joints peppered around town that have things such as the illusive avacado or a bean sprout here and there but their hours of operation are odd making them difficult to visit.

Cultured Foods
It is true, you can't get good Chinese food in the mid west, let alone sushi, forget it! Although Osaka came here offering Japanese cuisine that is pretty damn good. What I would do for a great Greek restraunt with authentic Greek food and maybe even a little music. The Chinese restraunts are pretty much all the same, along with the Mexican. We need more REAL cultured restraunts!

Time for that later?

I remember when I was a kid and wanted to play outside. Dad would remind me of all the chores that had to be done saying, "There'll be plenty of time for play later." When I was a teen and wanted to hang out at the mall with friends again I heard, "There'll be plenty of time for that later." When my son was born I wanted to go dancing, but this time reminding myself, "There'll be time for that later."

Later came and went when the realization hit that playing outside was no longer interesting, nor was hanging at the mall or going dancing. Today I want to travel and experience the world but again being told, "There'll be time for that later." What if later I am too old to travel, loose the interest, or whatever else could come up? This place is great but no where to be found on my list of shit to do. 

I used to believe in the "master plan" but as I get older and have some time to look back on the only "plan" that ever happend is when I got off my keester and went a did it. Do we leave out destiny or fate up to something unseen that may or may not even exist? The only time I was every truly happy was when I made my own way and living as NIKE says, "just do it." Don't wait for the world, your reletives, neighbors, friends, co-workers, or the ramdomness of life determine where or who you are. Choose for yourself.

Friend Finder

When I first got here the first thing I looked for was good food, I do like to eat. I realized my idea of good food was ethnic food, what the hell kind of city doesn't have a good Greek, Middle eastern or vegan restraunt? Shit... My second search was for coffee/book store hang outs for the local social-ippies. I found the typical run in and out mega coffee chain or the place only open till 2pm. WTF!! NEXT! What about local music, drama groups, hiking, fishing? The panic set in.

Although everyone here is very friendly, they have adapted to this environment which seems to take years to "fit" into. Everyone has their routine which includes work and friends they've had since grade school. Trying to break into this routine has yealded a big fat zero on my end. They keep themselves busy with crafts, tv event nights, card games, and various activities to keep from realizing this place is a 1 on the excitement scale. Which they don't seem to invite "outsiders" to.

Although my honey says I'm not trying hard enough to make friends, he's has no idea. I've given out my phone number to more people than the drunk dude in the bar. It makes you think after a while that "nobody likes me...." "Waaaah, what am in 5th grade?" Bit me I say!  City dwellers unite!

Now I know people are busy with other shit in the big city, too busy to even notice you walking down the street but at least you had a plethera of shit to do besides cards and tv. Being cooped up for 5 months with temperatures of 10 degrees outside sucks so I took up beading, painting, playing the flute, sewing, video games, reading, and soooooo on. Yeah, who am I kidding. I'm not the crafty type but it beats reality tv. Now that summer is here it's f*ing hot and humid as f*ck! Talk about zapping your energy. Shit, back to crafts.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Sexy is an attitude, not a size"

I think every woman has been told that at least once in her lifetime, especially if she's over a size 12. So now that my size hot has turned into a size not why can't I believe what I have preached for years?

I remember about 15 years ago sitting in a bar with friends. At one end of the bar sat a gorgeous blonde woman, tall, thin, long sexy hair, all the right stuff, so I thought. At the other end sat a heavy set girl, kinda cute, bubbly brunette. "Hmmm" I thought, a size 4 vs. a 16. Why were the guys laughing and having a good time with the brunette and not the blonde? The blonde had a shitty attitude about her and  scared away even the drunks, the brunette glowed with fun and flirt, she was sexy and they could sense it. So why are we so obsessed with size?

As I sit here trying to take my own advise and rev up the sex-ay, I sulk. How do I get my sexy back?

I'm overweight, riddled with hang nails and staring at cute clothes haunting me from the hangars that used to fit while I look down at my frumpy t-shirt and yoga pants. ugh.....

Sure, I could go out and buy a new set of under ware, get  a new hairstyle or even a pretty dress but does that work? Sometimes it is all we need to "see" ourselves in a new light allowing us to smile changing our attitude towards ourselves. But we have to continue that attitude.

Like our bodies, we must continue to feed it healthy food to get the output we want. We have to feed our minds with love and acceptance for our sexy to shine on the outside. Imagine yourself as a beautiful flower. You may have bloomed last year and withered today, but you will bloom again. We all do, we're human, part of nature that moves through cycles. When we appear to wither, we reflect inward and bloom with new insight on life.

YOU, are sexy no matter what package you come in!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Moving to the mid west - Current Status

Moving to the mid west has certainly had it's challenges. I moved here three years ago from Las Vegas, where I was for 12 years, growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. While in Las Vegas I sold and rented many homes to people from all over the world and was always fascinated by all the different stories of how these people ended up coming here. From jobs to family to "why not, its Vegas baby." The average lifespan of most newcomers to Vegas was 3-5 years before they decided to return to wherever they came from. Yeah, real estate was good because of the constant and amazing number of turnover. But why did they leave? Vegas was a mecca fishbowl all it's own, a lifestyle like no other. It's hot, dry, desert landscape is hard for most to adjust to, I loved it and miss it.

I ended up in Illinois following love, I'm sure being the terrible dart player I am would have never hit this part of the map. We've been here two years now and believe me I'm just starting to adjust. My size 6 pants have magically transformend themselves into 12's without my permission, the 2003 Jetta Turbo turned into a 98 Oldsmobile and my clientele has only built to a quater of what I had accuired back home. (and it only took 8 months vs.2 years) They weren't kidding when they said everything is slower here.  I have made a good friend that I talk to regularly which is very important for the "female" connection thing. Diet, weather changes, and social activities have been the biggest challenges.

I can't imagine how much more difficult it would be coming from another country adding major challenges like language, culture, diet or religious practices. Like minds stick together. I have seen much more prejudice here than anywhere I have lived, and granted I live on the outer rung of the hood circle, it is me they look at. Segregation exists everywhere but I now see a difference between mindset and grouping. Poverty is a state of mind feeding off it's own self. It's hard to find or create opportunity when your struggling against the Eeyore attitude. When I was in real estate we were unable to tell anyone even when they asked "Where is the Chinese neighorhood? The Jewish part of town or little Italy?" What difference does it make? As I find myself looking for liberal minded, educated, go-geter hippy folks I'm reminded of why they sought the like minded. The longer I sit struggling to build a clientele trying to pay bills the harder it becomes to keep a possitive attitude that this will get better. The only thing I cling to is the memory of being financially sucessful and knowing working hard does pay off, but what if you're born into this? How do you change a social mindset from birth? A little old house in a poor neighborhood with a minimum wage job, a family member, a friend or neighbor with a bad attitude enforcing the situation. I now see why roll models are so important. Whether your father showed you how to build a business or a basketball player makes the team, it shows us not just to chase the golden carrot but to change our attitude about doing something. Surround yourself with Eeyore's and how long will it take before you become an Eeyore?

The best thing that has come out of this for me is a different perspective of life. How state of mind is key to determing happiness and satisfaction. The people that live here are down to earth, friendly, helpful and just live. They aren't pushing and shoving for the last loaf of bread, racing to the next stop light or stealing each others customers, they're just living. The lifestyle in Vegas was a fight to the finish with eveything, fast, furious and trying to "be somebody". If they only realized we are all somebody.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tao Te Ching 33

"If you understand others you are smart.
 If you understand yourself you are illuminated.
 If you overcome others you are powerful.
 If you overcome yourself you have strength.
 If you know how to be satisfied you are rich.
 If you can act with vigor, you have a will.
 If you don’t lose your objectives you can be long-lasting.
 If you die without loss, you are eternal.”

-Tao Te Ching 33

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Road Raged Nut Bag

I remember being my way to class a few years ago. I made my right turn onto a long stretch of road miles from the nearest highway in the Las Vegas valley. I swear it was clear when I turned as the vehicle I saw was unidentifiable being so far away and had no idea it was in warp 9. As I gassed the turbo to warp 2, 3, then 4 I realized this death star was still gaining on me. A large SUV growled at my bumper then pounced into the left lane. "What the shit?" I tried to stay calm fighting the urge to throw handfulls of change at "it", not knowing who was driving with all the dark tint. As it swerved in front of me playing with the brakes I was like, "This person is a nut bag." Resuming warp 9 they made off to the highway. As I approached the on-ramp the light turned red. "Shit, shit, SHIT!" And guess who was the victim of Murphy's Law? Yeah, warp 9 is no good when there is such a thing as STOP LIGHTS you dimwitted halfbreed! "Ok, stay calm. Crazy, yes, crazy. No body ever messes with the crazies." I thought franticly. As I pulled up next to the death star I turned up my radio as loud as I could and started singing. I didn't give a shit what was playing, I was singin' it. "Livin' la vida loca!" Ricky Martin, crap. The shitter of it is I actually knew the words. As she rolled down her window and proceeded to think she was going to be heard over Ricky Martin I just kept on singin'. The worst part was when the back seat window went down and it was full of kids between 5 and 14ish. Wow, power mom, you go girl.
So death star SUV gets the un-rolled model of the day award.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Golf & Boobs

You know what's bullshit?
A man telling a woman with big boobs "bring your elbow in closer" as I suddenly feel like a nutcracker. Yeah, no!

I recently decided to take up golf with my better half and realized once again just what a pain in the ass big boobs are. Trying to learn the body mechanics from a man without this issue just doesn't work. So I set out on my own to find a solution, women golfers. EEEEE! Wrong... (they had no boobs either, at least the ones with the advise) Reluctantly I had to find a sports bra, yeah...When you have big boobs SUPPORT is your main concern. Support... not smash and roll. The last time I went shopping for a sports bra was a nightmare, it was like wearing a too tight tank top resulting in the ever so lovely and comfy uniboob every time you bend over. Unattractive and sweaty. Do the men that design these things like their stuff all smashed into one neat, tight, little package?

After an all day search ONE made the cut. Champion. Velcro, adjustable straps that went over the shoulder like a bra, not racerback or any of that stuff, with a plastic underwire very well burried that kept the girls from fighting.

Once we got the girls secured and reclined it was off to the driving range. I was able to swing with minimal interference and maximum comfort. "Take that 225 yard drive, hoo-ya!" Playing with a slightly longer set of clubs also helped since now I didn't have to lean too far or squat too low. This also minimized my back pain. I have also searched online to discover there are MANY large chested ladies trying to play golf. Damn boobs anyways. There are a zillion men with advise ranging from, "just adjust your elbows" to "high heels help", dillweed, anyways, but no women with any good advise. So if you find anyone who can answer this question please feel free to comment.

So ladies with big boobs playing golf, find yourself  a good sports bra, a good set of clubs and kick some ass playing golf!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Prejudice & the Mid West

Is the mid west more prejudice than a larger city? I guess that would depend on the subject matter. According to The Oxford dictionary:
                       Prejudice: n. . a. A preconceived opinion. B. Bias or partiality.
So in a sense we are all prejudice,  "salsa is hot, dogs bite, Costa Rica is dangerous." But what builds this prejudice? A learned behavior or reaction to a previous experience, from our parents, grand parents, media, other people's experiences and so on.  There is a fine line between learning and evolving and allowing a thought of fear that we ourselves created or was created for us by someone else keeping us immobilized.

To learn from our predecessors past experiences is a piece of what makes the human consciousness so amazing. Human persecution has been since our beginning and will continue until we decide to stop. Is remembering what happened during times of  human persecution helping us or hurting us? For those select groups of people who pushed for new laws, rights and liberties against such treatments amazing strides have been made but for others letting go of such negative emotions fuels todays prejudice. The past is the past, the experiences they went through are gone, the time and conditions are not the same today. We are now. Our world is a very different place.

I have seen such prejudice here between black and white people who are still angry about the 1908 race riots. 1908!!! I wasn't here in 1908 (neither were 98% of the population that now live here) nor do we have any reason to "pre-judge" ANYONE on the color of their skin. These laws, rights and liberties were not installed to "screw" anyone but to evolve a behavior. I asked one business owner who was obviously upset by having to conform to the laws regulating how she runs her business, "How would you feel getting paid less money or not getting a job at all just because of the color of your skin? Or how about being told you can't come in the front door or being herded to sit with "your people" like a cow? That is inappropriate human treatment, we are not cattle." If I go tanning, pierce my lip, wear a blue bandanna, carry a Gucci handbag or dye my hair blonde I am subjected to "prejudice", race is only ONE aspect to the never ending pool of prejudice.

What is your first thought when you see an overweight person, a blonde woman, a man with baggy jeans, green hair, a man in a business suit driving a nice car, tattoos or a lawyer? Ask yourself where these thoughts or "pre-judgments" came from. Every person we encounter should have an equal chance to be who they are, not how they look. You may think green haired or tattooed people are "rebels" or insecure looking for attention, maybe they just like art and green.

I have often found myself asking "How can I stop persecution from happening, save a rain forest, stop prejudice?" Our lives are so busy where do you find time? For those who stand in the streets with signs, that's wonderful. For the rest of us just changing our actions speak loudly. Sometimes the most powerful thing one can do is to do nothing. 

Daily tips that make a difference:
1. If we don't like bad food, don't buy it.
2. Smile at everyone you make eye contact with even if they look nothing like you.
3. If you pre-judge anyone, smile and remember to move back into that higher place of thinking.
4. Remember, we are all here together and together is how we move as an ocean.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A word about the author. That'd be me...

 As I look out the windows of my eyes observing the illusions around me, I sit in my comfy chair taking notes surrounded by decades of experiences only I can see. While I once believed these experiences shaped who I am, I realized who I am is just who I am. That everyone is experiencing the same things just from a different point of view and it is our reactions to these experiences that change who we become and even then we all have the choice to become who we want. As these experiences change so do my observations; a lifetime of growing, learning and shifting reactions. How I feel today is just a reaction to an experience and may be totally different tomorrow. I hope to convey to the reader that all my views come from an origin of love and a deeper desire to understand why we choose to react the way we do and that these learned responses do not define who we really are.