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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Is social media hurting us?

Is social media hurting us as a society or helping?

That's like asking if medications help or harm; benefits vs. side effects.

When sites like Facebook popped up on the internet, millions of people jumped aboard showing the world a glimpse into their private lives. There are millions of reason why we chose to join social media sites from sharing with family & friends, clubs/groups announcements, advertising & marketing, political agendas, self promotion or those who just want to be heard, we all have a voice. But what happens when an employer wants to part of our "social" connection? Bad idea, period.

Since these sites have privacy options, employers have no business demanding or even asking to be part of your personal space and although there is something to be said about posting things on the internet that could potentially harm the employer, it will harm the poster someday too. If you can easily find potentially damaging information about your employee then you can worry, if you can't then realize none else can either.

As I par-ooze my own social media sites I've realized that I have many different groups;  friends, aquaintences, clients/customers, all globally. It is irrelevant to my friend in Brazil that I am offer a special at work or my clients know about my doctor visit. Keeping all these people separate is important.

One girl argued with me the other day saying,
"Social media is mainly for entertainment. I'm tired of reading everyone's bitching.".
My comment,
"How is posting or bitching about your parking tickets, noisy & annoying neighbors, rude roommate or people that annoy you on the L entertaining? Ditto...."
Needless to say, she unfriended me. PHfffft.....Mirrors scare people. LOL

Anyway- We should all be careful of what we post and who reads it. Some people post and tweet all day about where they are, who they are with and how they feel about it. Some post nothing but religious posts, promote their business, complain, upload the random picture of their kids, etc. Always remember who may be watching.