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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What is the source of anything?

Studying the etiology of disease in pathology class my mind began to wonder into areas so far away from the microscopic germs I was looking at and into the wild blue yonder.

"What is the actual source of this little bugger"?
"What is the source of anything"? I started to ask myself.

Tracing my origin and things like lightening in the sky, the desk I was sitting at and even the light behind the screen illuminating these characters that are magically transformed into conscious thought I realized that in fact there is no origin to anything. Perhaps everything is just a  accumulation and transformation of particles that become something else.

One person yells "Hey, I like cheese"! and before you know it a bunch of people gather around who all agree and like cheese too. Now you have an accumulation of people joined together by an idea, creating a "mob".
Was this new "mob" magically created by an external force or did existing pieces come together?
Did the yelling of "Hey, I like cheese" create a vibration into the universe that was picked up by others drawing them towards each other?
Why was the thought of liking cheese expressed outwardly by the yeller in the first place?

As I drove by a huge billboard along side the road protesting abortion it said, "Don't ask when life begins, ask when love begins." Huh........ (Who says sex or procreation has anything to do with love?) This is strictly a belief issue. Any scientific POV will agree that male sperm and female eggs are just another example of accumulation of cells, DNA and other stuff that came together to form the egg or sperm cell itself. So when does life actually begin? It never did, you existed before the two cells came together just in a different form that became your parents. One reason science is trying to go back to human origin. The bible even states that "god always was and always will be". Even Adam was created or "accumulated" by the elements of the earth. If you take that to have any connection with the universe it's obvious that the description of god may be consciousness itself. Perhaps this consciousness is just an accumulation of energy that is self propelling gathering more energy expanding farther out the more it accumulates, just as the rest of the universe does.  Consciousness is just another form of energy like electricity, nuclear reactions, heat, etc. Our brains interpret consciousness energy, your computer interprets electrical energy and metal interprets heat energy.   Perhaps the word "god" is better expressed as "consciousness" vs. an actual being. Consciousness, filtered and interpreted by the brain which is decoded into thought manifested into expression; all forms of energy.

So in essence there is no origin of anything, just accumulation of existing matter for a plethora of reasons science is still answering. Sometimes just as the cheese lovers, they gather just because, no purpose in mind. Just as law of the land runs on things like "circumstance" of why things happened, events in the universe are also accumulated out of circumstance. Even plastic, particles that do not occur in nature may be artificially put together to give the illusion of "creation", they are still existing particles.

Simple little games like Alchemy show us how putting two elements together make a third, and mix that one with another and you get something else, and so on and so on and so on. The possibilities are endless. To believe that this "always was and always will be" is an actual being that is orchestrating this massive alchemical universe down to the tiniest nano-particle is actually pointless. NOTHING in the universe changes because one group believes one thing or the other, life and consciousness still go on. Humans by nature our curious beings just as every other creature.