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Dealing with never ending life changes. Who says making lemonade is the best thing to do with those lemons life throws at you?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hoover Dam - Global warming?

This is a disturbing before and after photo of Hoover Dam on the Las Vegas/Arizona border. There is a 10 year span in time between photos. Low water levels are due to lack of snow run off into the Colorado river and an increase in demand. In the lower photo, there used to be a store sitting below the area where the lone RV sits and we used to feed the carp at the spill over directly bottom left.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mulit-Media Pharmacies

You know what's bullshit?
Getting pummeled with pharmaceutical ads on tv telling us to go to our doctors and ask about a drug? What happened to all the regular commercials and why would I run to my doctor to ask if "neo-poop-er-iacin" is right for me?

Is it just me or have pharaceutical companies gone up and beyond the call of duty? No longer do they bribe  encourage entice doctors into prescribing their drugs in exchange for trips and bonus shit but now I am subjected to their bullshit. There is something disturbing about listening to a list of side effects accompanied by happy, possitive music playing in the background with images of smiling people and sunshine. BLECK!!! Do you really think we are that fucking stupid? (and during dinner of all times)

What is a "side effect" anyway? Aren't they all effects? If a drug does 40 things to the body, how the hell does one determine which ones are the effect and which ones are the "side effects"? WHO determines what a side effect is anyway? Is there a list somewhere? And what if it's main use is on the "side effect" list? Is it the possitive effect on the body that is the effect and the negative effects the "side effects"? WTF!

What ever happened to: "Dry mouth, nausea, headaches, nervousness, dizziness, drowziness,etc."?
Now its: "Blurred vission, loss of memory, rectal bleeding, kindey failure, hair loss, turning blue or green eyes brown, suicidal thoughts, heart failure, blood pressure drops, etc, etc, etc...."!!! And these drugs precribed for simple things like longer love making, thicker eyelashes, and more energy for your day. WTF!

I was once told by a great physician that sometimes the main use of a drug, ie. pain relievers, antibiotics, heart and diabetes medications far outweigh the side effects saving lives; noted and agreed upon. But why is it ok for us to blow out our organs or cause serious harm to our brains just to get a boner? Hey, I'm all for boners but I would also like my husband to be here with me when we're 80 and not nursing him for heart or liver disease.

I know people are smarter than that and we need to make better choices. We are constantly seeing "drug recalls" and now ads for lawyers bringing class action law suits against these companies because of the harm they are causing.

Are all those side effects worth it? A final word of thanks to whomever is responsible for making the pharaceutical companies state ALL it's effects. It has made me realize that their list of "side effects", I am subjected to listen to can not be sugar coated with happy music and sunshine while telling me I will loose 50 lbs. but leak from my ass. Here here!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oh to be as beautiful as the day...

“What a beautiful day.” He says with a smile.
“The sun is so warm.”
But so is my heart, I think to myself.
"Your form looks good." He reassures a student.
A glance at my backside, "Hmm, what does he think of this form?"
A little color here, a little spice there.
"The flowers smell so good."
But what about my hair?
"Great shot." He exclaims on hole 9.
I smile with a deep sigh of peace.
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then what does he see?
I'm not as shiny as I used to be and certainly not as new.
"Oh to be as beautiful as the day."