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Monday, November 29, 2010

Fall to winter

Fall is nearing it's end with winter sneaking in like a cold draft under a door. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine our energy is condensing and will float through winter, a time for rest, reflection and maintenance. As the seasons change, so should we.

As I sit looking out my balcony window watching the leaves fall on the brick road below, I am reminded of how important fall is. What happens to the tree during fall? It's as though the deep breath of summer is exhaling as it's energy condenses into it's trunk, shaking off any unwanted leaves that will nourish and warm it's roots through winter while it rests. Each leaf representing an old thought, a resentment, a sadness, a worry, just as the tree, it is now time to shake it off. To let go of anything bothering you this year so we may have a peaceful winter.

Our diet too must change. Eating more fall and winter foods like soups, stews, root vegetables, apples, cabbage, and less summer foods. These foods warm us and nourish us through the winter.

Finding winter activities if you're not a skier  like arts, writing, knitting. Simple things to keep busy but not overexert the mind or body, keep your workout simple. Now is not the time for strenuous exercise.

Have tea with friends, laugh and remember your great summer.

Happy fall!