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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Golf & Boobs

You know what's bullshit?
A man telling a woman with big boobs "bring your elbow in closer" as I suddenly feel like a nutcracker. Yeah, no!

I recently decided to take up golf with my better half and realized once again just what a pain in the ass big boobs are. Trying to learn the body mechanics from a man without this issue just doesn't work. So I set out on my own to find a solution, women golfers. EEEEE! Wrong... (they had no boobs either, at least the ones with the advise) Reluctantly I had to find a sports bra, yeah...When you have big boobs SUPPORT is your main concern. Support... not smash and roll. The last time I went shopping for a sports bra was a nightmare, it was like wearing a too tight tank top resulting in the ever so lovely and comfy uniboob every time you bend over. Unattractive and sweaty. Do the men that design these things like their stuff all smashed into one neat, tight, little package?

After an all day search ONE made the cut. Champion. Velcro, adjustable straps that went over the shoulder like a bra, not racerback or any of that stuff, with a plastic underwire very well burried that kept the girls from fighting.

Once we got the girls secured and reclined it was off to the driving range. I was able to swing with minimal interference and maximum comfort. "Take that 225 yard drive, hoo-ya!" Playing with a slightly longer set of clubs also helped since now I didn't have to lean too far or squat too low. This also minimized my back pain. I have also searched online to discover there are MANY large chested ladies trying to play golf. Damn boobs anyways. There are a zillion men with advise ranging from, "just adjust your elbows" to "high heels help", dillweed, anyways, but no women with any good advise. So if you find anyone who can answer this question please feel free to comment.

So ladies with big boobs playing golf, find yourself  a good sports bra, a good set of clubs and kick some ass playing golf!